Monday, October 13, 2008

This Is Interesting

. . . well, probably to you, but not so much to me. Take for example, those people who declared their shock and anger about where we are in this election, so close to Obama winning. They're really just surprised a "negra," and an "uppity" one at that may become president.

What's interesting is this article from the Washington Post. It details experiments over a number of years that confirm that white Americans don't see Americans of color as fully America. They even attribute "Americanness" to white foreigners while attributing foreignness to Asian and African Americans.

This one of those "I told you so moments" where white indignation at the accusation that America is a racist nation falls flat. In fact, in proves Dr. Rev. Jeremiah Wright's US of KKK-A point, and should this show any accusations that he's a hate-monger as false and racist.

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