Monday, October 6, 2008

So Much To Talk About

First of all, Tucker Bounds, spokesperson for the McCain campaign, is despicable, I think.

Secondly, PAYING HIGHER TAXES IS PATRIOTIC. Let's talk about who'll be paying higher taxes - people who make a quarter of a million or more. The hedge fund managers who've made millions in the midst of this financial crisis that's required a government bailout. And seeing as how the military is made up overwhelmingly of young people from the working class, it wouldn't kill the chicken hawks to pay more in taxes so that people in the working class have more options than joining the military.

What else has happened in my life?

Oh. I've finally reconnected with a friend I haven't spoken to in a couple of years. Though, we probably won't be as close as we once were, the whole thing is kinda odd. There was a time when I needed her friendship just to maintain my own sanity. And now, two years later, I'm fairly sure I'm sane. Pretty sure.

It's just odd how much can happen in a couple of years. There are many ways in which I've grown and matured. And there're other ways in which I'll probably never change. For example, I now know I need to open myself and my heart to new people and experiences. On the other hand, my crooked way of view the world and expressing what I see hasn't changed. Another friend actually prayed that in that vane, I don't change. Which makes me wonder, is there something I actually should consider changing . . . I wonder but make no effort in that vane. I'm cool.

Then there's just life itself. Since I last talked to this friend, my brother has gotten married. I've gotten over my college crush. For a few months, I thought I had found the man I would marry. And I know all the reasons why I felt that way. This person not only met every standard I have, he added one! To me, that's amazing.

And I'm living the life I want to live, my health notwithstanding. I couldn't say that two years ago. Then, as now, I wanted to bring intellectual stability to the Black church. But now, I have a greater sense of how to do that.

I'm meeting people from around the world. I'm imagining a life beyond America. Two years ago, I couldn't imagine life beyond my house and the aunts and uncles up and down the road from me. Today, I can imagine life years from now. Two years ago, I couldn't imagine life much beyond any particular day.

Which is odd. Cause two years ago, it killed me that I couldn't imagine life not hardly a year out. But today, I enjoy each day on its own merits. And because I'm receiving better treatments, I can start to imagine years out. But, it wouldn't bother me if I was just marking from one day to the next.

Two years ago, the stock market was at all time highs! Do you remember that? Do you remember when the Dow Jones kept brushing up and down 14,000? At this moment, it's at 9,556. And even two years ago, it was apparent that prosperity wasn't trickling down.

And here's why I've had to take a break from American politics. See, I have a low tolerance for shear stupidity. Now, despite the mess conservative philosophy has made of the economy, people are still considering voting for McCain/Palin. Is that not shear stupidity? This whole, supply-side theory has never worked! We've always had to borrow money to make up for the loss of revenue from lowering taxes on the rich.

It's the conservative philosophy that has us in this energy crisis. If we had followed President Jimmy Carter's advice 30 years ago, the cost of gas wouldn't matter that much. And people are still considering voting for McCain/Palin. Isn't that shear stupidity?

Neo-conservatives have gotten us into Iraq. The conservative policy of privatizing everything gave us the Katrina disaster. Conservatives want to "drill, baby, drill." Meanwhile, it's just becoming clear the environmental damage the previous hurricane has had, including oil spills and damage to oil rigs in the gulf. And not only are there people who are considering voting for McCain/Palin, there are some idiots who will vote for McCain/Palin. They're buying this idea that Barack Obama gets "touchy" when his record is questioned and that that should make them question Obama. I mean, do they not recall how indignant McCain gets anytime someone questions his record. And this whole Rev. Wright issue only serves to prove how racist mainstream America is.

And the McCain campaign has decided to turn the page from talking about the economy to bringing up guilt by association issues with Obama. And there are some idiots who will go for it!

Shear stupidity.

So, that's my post for today. More of less stream of consciousness. I tried to find some theme so my post would make sense to you, the reader. But . . .

Oh, yeah! That reminds me. The most ironic thing about this particular friendship is that she graduated with a BA in biology. I majored in history and minored in creative writing. Now, I use my writing skills mostly for the blog and recently for writing essays for grant applications. And she has a website advertising her professional writing skills! Everything from poems to technical writing. I haven't touched fiction in at least a year. It's amazing to me. Then again, it could be my crooked way of viewing the world that I should or shouldn't work on changing.

And let me give a "shout out" to my 22nd rank UNC football Tarheels! You better do it, boys!

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