Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh, Yeah. Joe the Plumber's (or not) Taxes (not the ones he already owes)

Here's what Obama was trying to explain to Joe and the rest of us.

When Joe was working so hard, 10-12 hours a day, years ago, he needed tax relief. But all the tax relief was going to the top 1%. Now that he's in that 1%, if indeed he does make over a quarter of million a year, he should help out the next guy. It's kinda like the Priest tells Edmond Dontez in Count of Monte Cristo, don't be found guilty of the crime was committed against you.

And, no, it's not "class warfare." It's not the redistribution of wealth. It's justice. The past 8 years have seen the greatest redistribution of wealth upwards to the top 1%. Is that "American?" And if you wanna call this "class warfare," let's keep in mind that the top 5% or so of Americans have been kicking our tails. And if you're not bitter about that, than you're either dumb or dead.

Here's the deal. If you earn less than $250K, you won't be taxed. If you make more than $250K, and you pay taxes, chances are, you'll still be bringing home more than $250K. And, yes, it's patriotic to help other Americans make it to the place where you are. To do otherwise is selfish and quite unChristian.

And listening to Lou Dobbs (my father is watching), I heard Joe the Plumber say something quiet intelligent. He said in our country, politicians are the nobles and the rest of us are the serf. With such insight, it's stunning that he votes Republican.

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