Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Trying to Wrap My Mind Around This

I'm being earnest.

You know how McCain's been bragging about his families long history of service to the country? He's left out his families history of owning slaves even after the War.

Don't get me wrong. I can understand why. What I'm having trouble with is how he has so much pride for one (which I don't consider much of a reason to be proud. But that's just me.) and the shame of the other. Is he ashamed of the other?

To Sen. McCain, "How the Teoc descendants have served their community and, by extension, their country is a testament to the power of family, love, compassion and the human spirit." It is, he added, in a statement provided by a spokesman, "an example for all citizens."

And according to the article, the white McCain's were known for their fair treatment of the blacks they dealt with. But . . . the money they made? McCain doesn't even bother taking a public position on reparations. It's such a foregone conclusion that he would oppose it that no one has even bothered to ask him about it on the campaign trail.

What I don't understand is why hasn't he mentioned this in the midst of calling Barack Obama out for every little association he's ever had, no matter how tangential.

And kudos to Obama for not bringing it up. It wouldn't have added anything of substance to the debate. But, I'm still thinking, the whole thing . . . it gives me a lot to think about. Not just where McCain is concerned. But there is no white person is all of America who hasn't in some way benefited from slavery. I think I'm not the only one conflicted about this. I think the whole country is.

Oh, but back to my usual self, as far as I'm concerned, McCain has just dug himself even deeper in the hole of disrepute.

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