Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick Question

Democrats, and now especially Barack Obama, are accused of being "anti-American." Though, the truth is simply that there are many of us, including myself, who believes America needs to start doing better. We're the ones who were for regulation and would've put a stop to the sub-prime lending fraud. We're the ones who want people to a pay check that's worth their work. But, because we see flaws in America, speak about the flaws and try to call attention to these flaws, we're anti-American.

Republicans and conservatives, on the other hand, are anti-government. Anti-regulation. Law taxes especially for the rich so the wealth is redistributed up. They're the ones who press for trade laws that short change the American worker, and that has to be anti-American, right?

But anyway, as I intended, a quick question - what's the functional difference between being anti-American and anti-government.

Cause let's start talking honestly. Bill Ayers was anti-war, not anti-American. And the people who died were fellows members of Weathermen Underground.

And right now as I'm listening to Hardball with Chris Matthews, and Chris is there tonight, and as I listen to Pat Buchanan's racism and Katrina vanden Heuvel's thoughtfulness, I lean all the more to the left.

Also, bombing in the name of anti-war and peace and bombing in the name of racial oppression aren't the same thing.

Lastly, the Rev. Wright is not an Afro-racist. He doesn't hate white people. As I've explained before, he and many, many others African Americans hate the system to privileges white Americans to our disadvantage.

And Chris just finally said some truth. Pat had better be careful because his true instincts were coming. If MSNBC knows Pat's a racist, and how can they not? I know he is, they need to fire him.

And let me explain again for Pat

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