Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Got Some Good News & Some Bad News & Some Personal Thoughts

First, the good news, mostly because I can make sense of it, the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, which has been inundated with complaints and questions, will roll out a massive advertising campaign starting today and running until Election Day to inform voters of their rights and to try to dispel misinformation.

Here's the bad news, or at least questionable news about McCain. But, apparently McCain's transition chief lobbied for or had something to do with helping lobby for Saddam.

And here's a word for my white brothers and sisters in Christ. Previously, I was studying Proverbs. I'm presently studying Romans. Now, in my online explorations and chats, I've come across atheists and agnostics who care about the poor and choose peace over unnecessary war. I've come across Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists who feel that everyone and everything is an image of God.

Yesterday, or rather, last night, or . . . my last post, I displayed the youtube video of the preacher praying for a sort of "God-off" between our Christian God, Islam's God (because Arab Christians also pray to Allah), Buddha, and I suppose Krishna?

Now, the point I wish to make comes from Romans 2:17-24, and here it is: claiming to serve the "best" God or "the only true" God means nothing if you don't obey and follow the mandates of that God. Now, being Christian, while I believe that all religions have something true to offer, I also believe that Christ is the truth, the way, and the light. I'm not backing of that. I'm not obfuscating what I believe.

But also, I aim to be a force for justice and righteousness. In my personal life, I love God with all my heart, all my mind, all my soul, and all my strength. At the time, I don't have a lot of physical strength, but I love God with all that I have. Also, I receive God's completely forgiveness and unconditional love with relief and gratitude. And here's the part that I find most miraculous. The more I open my heart to God's love and grace and mercy, the easier it becomes to love others the way I love myself. Cause essentially, I accept what God says about me as truth. In Ephesians, he says I'm his masterpiece! I'm not going to argue with God about that!

The more I give up trying to earn God's love, the easier it becomes to overlook other people's faults and try to meet their needs. For example, the so called "Islamofascists." They don't hate America. What they hate is their poverty. What they hate is not being able to provide from the families. And, well, whose domination of the world has led to the circumstances in which they live? . . . If you guess themselves, you're wrong. The correct answer is US, and I mean that as a double entendre.

So, I urge all my American brothers and sisters in Christ to emulate Christ, to imitate God their father as dear little children. Otherwise, and the Bible says so, you will be judged for causing unbelievers to blaspheme the name of our God. Oh, and please, you should probably stop taking his name in vain, as well. Just using God's name to do something ugly and hateful makes it no less, but in fact all the more, ugly and hateful. And if you're curious as to what I mean be ugly and hateful. Check back later. I've been meaning to write a post on abortion. Maybe now would be a good time to tackle such a topic. Because not even Biblically does life begin at conception.

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