Thursday, October 9, 2008

How Dare the Republicans Suggest They Love America

Cause the truth is, the love power. Cause power gets them money. And if the result of their de-regulated greed is millions of homes being foreclosed on and millions of people having no place to live, so be it.

But that's not enough for the. Oh, no. They dare not waste this opportunity to keep people from voting. I haven't looked at McCain's plan, but I don't trust his plan as anything more than an election gimmick. I don't trust Republicans, and most especially when they claim to care for the disadvantaged. If McCain wanted to do something about this, he could have been prevented even before Obama entered Congress*. But McCain is a de-regulator. Period. He's part of the problem. He is not the solution. He can take a look at his website and see how he plans to do American taxpayer's dirt, but of course, I won't.

But I digress. Back to the spineless and abhorrent Republicans. John Conyers is demanding they stop. Good for him. And what's even sweeter to my poo' little soul is that a sheriff in Illinois's Cook County has refused to throw any more people out of their homes. He's refusing to the these multi-billion dollar banks dirty work for them and kudos to him!

And let's top this whole voting, or not, debacle off with a report now showing that at least 6 states have illegally purged eligible voters from their roles. Right now, there seems to be no one and no particular party at fault. But . . . I mean really. We are the US of A. We are a country that has the audacity to topple democratically elected officials of other countries . . . you know, come to think of it, forget that thought. It makes since that the US would have trouble letting people vote.

Now, about blaming this whole mess on Democrats pushing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into subprime loans. First of all, the idea was to help more people get into homes. But since it's essentially banks who transact the loans, not Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, who, by the way, I had heard of before all this, no one knew what the banks were doing. lists at least racist lies Republicans are telling about this whole mess. And I'll add the continuing and continual racial inequality in income and wealth accumulation.

There's more. Many people saw this coming years ago. The discrimination of offering people of color subprime loans even when the qualified for prime loans was found as early as 2002. Over 50% of subprime loans somehow just ended up in the black community, income and credit rating notwithstanding.

And just in case it's lost upon you, African Americans and other people of color have the most to lose with this whole ignorant crisis.

With billions of taxpayer dollars being used to bail out banks and big
corporations, the public must focus on the question, What do the people get from
the investment of our tax money into these bailouts? They must be included in
the benefits. Two-thirds of US economic activity is driven by consumers.
When working Americans suffer, everyone suffers.

How did we get here? Borrowers were steered into predatory mortgage loans
with grossly escalating interest rates that they could not afford. They still
can't. The pain of homeowners has now spread throughout the economy.

We must challenge plans that bail out the rich, put out the poor and
put down the middle class. We can't just bail out Wall Street and ignore Main
Street. The bailout must be bottom up, not just top down. The poor--the
unemployed poor, the working poor and the fixed-income poor--must benefit from
the investment of their tax dollars. Any "solution" or remedy must be judged by
how it affects "the least of these."

Like that? That's the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.

And to top all that off, Sarah Palin has the unmitigated audacity to suggest that after 8 years of W, Obama would diminish “the prestige of the United States presidency.”

See why I'm trying to avoid politics? But, I guess I better stay informed. For my own sake.

* I haven't read the entire article, but the first page underlies my point.

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