Friday, October 17, 2008

I Think I'm in Love!!

No, dear, not with you.

But in my recent meeting and chatting with new people, I discovered what I thought was an odd mix: skateboarding and Christ.

No! Nothing's wrong with that. It's just that I'm from a small, Black, rural town in the South. Not much skateboarding around here. And with the media portrayal of "skateboarding," I just never considered Jesus on a half-pipe.

So anyway, I am in love. I'm in love with the idea what Jesus on a half-pipe, doing a 460.

What my new chat friend told me about church he was familiar with is that they outreach to everybody. Drug addicts. Pimps. Hos (whores).

* political break*
3 announcements
1 - Most small business will not see a tax increase under Barack Obama's plan. And if you're a small business owner making over $250K, it's only American, or, rather, fair, that you "spread the wealth," and give someone the opportunity someone else gave you. And think heard about it, someone gave you the opportunity. You didn't get where you are on your own blood, sweat, or tears.
2 - The Supreme Court has decided with Ohio against the Republicans to maintain voter fairness.
3 - The Republican National Committee is taking responsibility for the anti-Obama robo-calls that spread lies on Obama.

Okay, but to my love. Oh, and take a moment to thank my aunt for talking me into watching politics so I can keep her informed while she works. See, she's a nurse. And at first, all the nurse were allowed to watch CNN, MSNBC, you know politics. But I think an actual fist fight broke out between Obama supporters and McCain supporters or at the very least, there was a loud argument and patients weren't receiving the care they're supposed to. So, my aunt's supervisor has now forbidden any conversation concerning politics.

Thanks, Auntie!

Okay, back to my love of Jesus and skateboarding, which is not to say I don't love my aunt. True, I'm watching MSNBC cause I'm a little afraid of her, but I love her, too. She's always looked out for me.

Now, for real, back to Jesus and skateboarding. What I love so much of the description my new chat friend shared with me. Like I said, the church group he's involved in and his friends, whose website Steelroots I just added to my side bar, reach out to everyone. The so-called, "real sinners." People who're coming off drug addictions and just recently getting out of jail. I love it because those are the people Jesus would've reached out to.

Jesus wouldn't shun the gay. He'd show them the same love he shows everyone else. He wouldn't shun women who are considering or who have already had abortions. He'd reach out to them. The decision to have an abortion is never easy, and it's not one women take lightly, contrary to conservative opinion. Either Jesus would be there for the woman to help care for the child or there assure her her sins are completely forgiven, and that he still longs for her and wants the best for her.

That's what the Gospel is about. The Gospel is supposed to be Good News. It's not supposed to be about deciding whose in and whose out. We, as Christians, are to be like the farmer in one of Jesus parables, we're supposed to spread the word everywhere, regardless of what we think may happen. I haven't gotten my MDiv yet, but I would even suggest it's up to Christians to help turn bad soil into good soil. You never know what's happened in someone's life that may have hardened their heart to the Gospel. But, as you show people the love of God, his unconditional, no strings attached love, maybe you can help turn some bad soil into some good soil.

And for those of you who just ain't trying to hear the Gospel. First, let me inform you the God is asexual. You could call God Mother just as much as most folks normally call God Father. Sometimes, I even pray to Mother God. So, there that. Elohim, one of the names for God, is plural female Hebrew.

And, God loves you regardless of how you feel about God. I know most of my posts aren't that "loving," but that's because justice is also what God's about. But have no doubt, there is a God, and no matter who you are or what you've done or are doing, S/He loves you. God thinks the world of you, that's why God came down to earth to die for all our mess ups and mishaps and worse, so that we could enjoy the relationship with God that we were created to have.

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