Sunday, October 26, 2008

Updated: My Little to Help the Hudson Family

Julian King was found dead.

My heart goes out to the Hudson family. And now, to learn it was a domestic event.

So, you know what? I take back a little of what I said about black celebs coming back home.

But I will say this, ladies (and men for that matter), be careful who you let in your life. And relatives, be careful who you let in the family. I hope I don't need to share any stats on domestic violence. We know the signs are early and escalate. We know if you don't handle the situation properly, things could go bad.

Here are some steps for having a plan to leave a bad marriage. Let me add, if you plan on getting a divorce, and I hope you do, try to have some record of the abuse. And if you think your friend is being abused, you can help by keeping a diary of all the days and times when you've seen her (or him) bruised and/or upset.

Jennifer is quoted as saying her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will get her through this. He will. This whole thing is terrible. But like I said, God's grace is sufficient. Even for the perpetrator.

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