Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Few Things, Namely Making Sure Your Vote Counts

First, if you're a small business owner who profits less than $250K, quit worrying about being taxed. Er . . . duh. Obama has been saying the same thing about taxes since he began campaigning.

And this whole thing about "spreading the wealth" and "eating pie?" Listen, taxes spread wealth. Period. Regressive, flat, or progressive, taxes spread the wealth. Now, if you're worried about someone else getting your piece of the pie, again, if you make less than $250K, you got nothing to worry about. Also, there's historically been more pie to go around under Democratic administrations and progressive taxes. And the pass 8 years under Bush's tax cuts, the wealth has been spread upwards. So, yes, someone has been getting your share of the pie, but it wasn't that no-good welfare "queen," it was the "famous for being famous" welfare "queen." I mean really America, please, take a moment to think. I know it hurts, but get yourself some pain medicine, I recommend vicodine, and THINK!

Like your broke-self got any wealth for someone to "spread."

You want universal and more affordable health care, you better vote for Obama. You want better education for kids, you better for Obama. Even if your kid's education is just fine, we are only as strong as our weakest link. In order to have a strong economy, we need a well educated work force. For that matter, to have a strong democracy, we need a well educated electorate.

And, Christians, correct me if I'm wrong, but does not God teach us that to who much is give, much is required? Now, doesn't that sound like progressive taxation to you? Don't call yourself and follower of Christ is you're not willing to give to the poor and you're so worried that you're busy holding on to your little piece of pie instead of seeking first the Kingdom of God and Her Righteousness. Call yourself what you are - a nonbeliever.

Now. That I've gotten all that off my chest, here are a couple of ways to make sure your vote counts from someone who has been a precinct chief judge. These are not necessarily in order of importance. Just as they come to mind.

1 - Vote early. That's the easiest way to make sure your vote counts. Find out where in your county they're holding early voting and go. There, they'll take your address and give you the proper ballot. You won't have to worry about driving from one polling place to another.

2 - Don't wait until election day to make sure you know where to vote. Call your Board of Elections, make sure you're still on the voter rolls cause there's no telling what your local Republicans have done.

3 - If for some reason you miss 1 and 2, then sorry, you may have some heavy lifting to do. Here's what's important to realize - YOU DON'T WANT TO VOTE BY A PROVISIONAL BALLOT UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST!!

"Huh?" you ask. "I thought after 2000, they passed the laws to make sure people could vote by provisional ballot."

Yes, but here's the think. You're provisional ballot may or may not be counted. That's why it's called pro-vi-sion-al. As in lets provide the vision that they're voting when they're not. Get to the polls early. If someone tells you you're at the wrong poll, they should give you a slip that states what polled you first went to, and the poll you should be at. Now, if you have to go through that a few times, you can still go to your county's board of election's polling place just like you would had you voted early.

4 - If your local polling place has run out of ballots, DO NOT LEAVE!! Stay and wait for more ballots to arrive. This election is too important for you not to vote because you got tired of waiting for a ballot. Wait to get a ballot, vote, then go home and whether it's on Obama's site or McCain's site, log the election day problems.

5 - I think that's it, but if I remember anything else, I'll post it.

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