Thursday, October 16, 2008

Latest GOP Distraction: ACORN Probed for Voter Sign-Up Fraud

Here's what ACORN spokespeople have to say:

Two spokesmen for ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for
Reform Now, on Thursday said the FBI has not contacted the group.

"ACORN has not been notified that we are the target of an investigation by any authorities — nor should we be," spokesman Kevin Whelan said in a statement. "ACORN members have done a good and patriotic thing by helping bring more than a million of their fellow citizens into our democratic process." . . .

ACORN has said the "vast majority" of its workers are conscientious, but some might have turned in duplicate applications or provided fake information to pad their pay. Workers caught submitting false information have been fired, ACORN officials say.

ACORN says laws in a number of states require it to submit all registration cards it collects even dubious ones, so its workers segregate applications with missing, suspicious or false information and flag them so state election officials can quickly check them further.
Brian Kettenring, an ACORN spokesman, said its employees flagged questionable registration forms for election officials in 11 states, none of which is investigating the group. He also said he did not believe a 'Mickey Mouse' voter registration card in Orlando, Fla., was submitted by an ACORN worker.

I think Republicans should listen and stop acting like they're the ones who want to protect voters' rights. I mean, after all, some of the US attorney's who were fired were fired for not investigating allegations of voter fraud even though there was no evidence of such fraud.

House Republicans have been pushing for the Justice Department to investigate ACORN, calling on Attorney General Michael Mukasey to make sure ballots by ineligible or fraudulent voters are not counted on Nov. 4.

The issue also became campaign trail fodder for McCain, who on Wednesday night demanded to know the full extent of Obama's ties with ACORN. McCain said the group could be on the verge of "destroying the fabric of democracy."

Come to think of it, I guess BushCo has gotten what it wanted. And that should make every American sad. Every American.

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