Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where You Been, Girl?!

Uh . . . I'm a grown woman. Respect.

What's it been folks? A week? I've just been doing me. I needed sometime to get back to what I do.

I don't do politics.

Have you ever wondered what separates the Beyonces of the world from the women blowing it up at church? What separates the Van Joneses or Barack and Michelle Robinson Obama from the rest of us? Think about it for a moment. It's not that they're willing to work hard and we're not. I mean, what do you now with your days? TV and crossword puzzles? It can't be an issue of work ethic.

Plus, they swear they're doing what they love.

Is it that they're especially talented? I don't think so. No more so than anyone else. I'm sorry. I just don't believe that. I just don't believe that out of the 300 million, there's only 1 Beyonce or 1 Barack or Oprah or only 1 whoever.

You know what I think? I think it's that they have the discipline to forgo what's easy and convenient to do what it is they really love. Unless you've tried, you may not know how difficult that can be, or maybe it's just me. Messing around on my laptop, playing online games or commenting on blogs seems like a really good time until I start doing what it is I really love.

So for the past week, I've been trying to remember what I really love and take time for that. And I'm taking a hiatus from politics. I did do the virtual march - which, by the way, does not leave the same impression as an actual protest. Did you see any angry anti-filibuster protesters in the news? - and I've been calling my senators about supporting the public option (D) or at least not being an asshole (R). But I my interest in politics came about as I was forced to face the impact decisions made in Washington have on us, including the ones I think are horrendous. I'm not convinced that the problem's with the federal government so much as it's with the very people who decry the federal government. You can't on one hand talk about privatizing social security because it's insolvent and pass tax cuts paid for out of the social security trust-fund. Right? You can't talk about how dysfunctional the government is while you hold presidential nominations hostage to anti-union sentiments.

And you know what really made me sick? - Besides actually being sick? - Finding out the Van Jones had planned to bring green jobs to Appalachia. He was gonna get people out of the unhealthy coal fields and open up 3 streams of income. And these are some of the very people who cheered Jones's resignation.

Sorry. My interest in politics is based on my desire for justice and righteousness. As much as the theatrics do amuse me, it's not what I love. It doesn't feed my spirit.

So, I've been trying to break away from what's convenient and do the things I really love. But don't worry dear. You're not far from the top of that list.

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