Monday, February 15, 2010

Mass Murder at Alabama Huntsville

h/t Dr. Joe Feagin of racismreview

I'm sure you knew this:
Amy Bishop, a Harvard PhD who was denied tenure, has been charged with capital murder in the killings. Three other faculty members were wounded, two of them critically, at a faculty meeting on the Alabama campus.
But did you know this:
The three University of Alabama Huntsville faculty members who were killed Friday were all people of color. Gopi Bodila, the, the chairman of the biology department, was of Indian origin. Dr. Adriel Johnson, an associate professor, and Dr. Maria Ragland Davis, an assistant professor who specialized in plant sciences, were both African-American.
I was giving myself something of a holiday this weekend . . . and it may continue through the week. Not saying I won't blog, just that I can't take anymore news. I have a low tolerance level for tragedy and stupidity, so I've been avoiding the news. Anyway, let me know when you hear any mainstream media outlet describe racial animous  even possibly being a motive in this case.

And don't get me wrong. It's not necessarily that Bishop hates people of color. But is it too far fetched to imagine that since those "negras" and that "punjab" had tenure, she just "knew" she deserved tenure.

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