Monday, February 8, 2010

Need to Know

Rep. John Murtha (PA-D) has died at age 77. I'm actually sad about that. I thought he was a cool guy who stood up for working Americans.

You know who's not standing for Americans, just corporations. The 'Publicans, who just recently gave a chilly reception Monday to President Barack Obama's invitation to discuss health care in a bipartisan, televised setting later this month, part of the White House effort to revive the stalled legislation. I'm sorry. I thought that's one of the things they've been complaining about.

Meanwhile, some people actually think that a person who needs to write notes in her palm to remember her talking points should be president. Wow.

Since I got your attention, here's something you can do to help healthcare reform:

As politicians fret about the political risks of health care reform instead of fixing our broken system, people are dying.

And last week, that reality hit home. Melanie Shouse, a MoveOn Council leader in St. Louis, passed away from breast cancer while still fighting her insurance company for chemotherapy coverage.
There is a serious cost to inaction on health care—real people's lives. And it's time to remind Washington of this.

I just sent a message to Congress telling them that I stand with Melanie, and it's time to put real people ahead of politics and finish health care reform. Can you join me at the link below?
Not much, but it's something.

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