Monday, February 15, 2010

What the Haiti?!: CNN

So . . . the Swiss have freezed the assets of two of Haiti's former dictators. (Mostly because Switzerland's Supreme Court ruled the money could be given to them rather than to charities in Haiti.) But there's more to the story. The poverty and problems in Haiti ain't just that black folks "can't never get they act together." After all, the United States supported the Duvalier regime at the time, said CBS News correspondent Bert Quint, out of worries about the spread of communism. Some of that money came from the IMF and World Bank even though lenders knew these funds were used to enrich the Duvalier family and feed their brutal military regime. Rather than seizing his assets after Duvalier fell from grace, the international community has forced the Haitian people to take responsibility for these odious Duvalier debts.

Sorry. I'm just tired of this popular narrative that when things go wrong in countries governed by people of color, it's the fault of people of color. I mean, not even white men, individually or collectively, have been sufficiently held accountable for the crisis the global economy is still trying to recover from.

Follow? When things go wrong in Haiti, it's the Haitians' fault and perhaps the US should take over. But when white men bring down the global economy . . .

I'm just sick of it.

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