Friday, February 19, 2010

Can't Make It to DC?

March virtually.

Lorda mercy!!
I've already signed up. I just think the concept is lazy and racist. Can you imagine a "Virtual March to Selma?" Yeah, we'd still be marching for civil rights. But maybe, instead of being killed, civil rights leaders who've been assassinated virtually.

So yeah, the whole "virtual march" notion is a bit insulting. Is there any point to co-opting a strategy that's been used, not just during the Civil Rights Movement, but also during the earliest protests for women's right to vote. The people who used this tatic put themselves in actual danger, not virtual danger. Even the white women who stood up against "the Man" during the 19th century. Let's just call it what it is: mass petitioning. Don't get me wrong, I've signed up. I'll make the calls. The actual plan of attack is effective. But the idea of a "virtual march" is insulting.

So, sign up and then later, get in actual contact with The link goes to a regular "comment" box; ie, it's an email. So it's virtual, too. But if I can find a concrete way to contact MoveOn, I'll let you know.

As politicians fret about the political risks of health care reform instead of fixing our broken system, people are dying. It's time for Congress to stand up to Big Insurance and their conservative allies and get health care reform done, and done right.

That's why I just signed up to join MoveOn's Virtual March for Real Health Care Reform. The goal is to send a million messages to Capitol Hill on Wednesday, February 24, the day before President Obama's big health care summit with members of Congress.

Can you join in? Just click here:


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