Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some Truth-telling and Devil Shaming on Haiti

Just thought I'd share this with you.

I imagine a media appealing to millions of indignant citizens who regularly take to the streets and offer solidarity with suffering Haitians – demanding not US military- conducted aid programs (after they have “secured” the areas) but empowerment of Haitians and of themselves. I am dreaming of course – the American dream, which happens only when you’re sleeping.

I awaken. It is January 21. CNN features "Saving Haiti." The camera pans to dctors treating white patients at emergency field hospitals. The dark-skinned Haitians – kids and grandparents – apparently posed security threats. One UN field hospital dirctor ordered black Haitian patients to leave; if not, he threatened, the UN medical team would be removed. One doctor bemoaned the fact that he knew of large quantities of medicine at the airport but the humanitarian aid teams still had not distributed it to those in the greatest need. A real reality show?
The entire article is here.

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