Friday, February 12, 2010

Stay On Top of Things

As much as possible.

Here're some more ways to help out in Haiti, besides, of course, donating to the We Are the World Foundation. You can download "We Are the World for Haiti," too.

Now of course, concerns of child trafficking out of Haiti continue to grow. So don't entertain any fantasies of adopting any Haitian children until more civic infrastructure has been rebuilt. The best thing you can do is help in other ways.

But another issue still remains: sexual abuse and molestation here in the US.
Oprah had a very informative discussion with child molesters. If you watch as much crime drama as I do, some of it may sound like old information. The most striking point, for me, is that even if it feels good, it's still not the child's fault. Let's disabuse ourselves of any notions of little "Lolitas" who want to be sexual with their (grand)fathers. And a fact I think can never be overstated is that children are much, much more likely to be abused by someone they know than a stranger. Be on the look out for anything out of pocket, pun intended. And parents, don't you dare let a new spouse or "friend" come between you and your child. Don't you dare. Trust your child. Children don't know enough to make up lies about people touching their private parts. Click this link for the "4 Things to Know about Child Molestation." Click this link to read a Q&A with a therapist debunking myths about molestation. This link goes to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, this one directly to the section on sexual exploitation, this one directly to ways to get involved.

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