Thursday, February 4, 2010

Since When Do Creditors Just Sit and Watch While You Don't Pay?

Take this opportunity to speak out against AIG's outrageous bonuses. Honey, they still owe you (taxpayers).

I signed a petition [I actually did.] telling Congress that it's long past time to take real action to stop companies from giving out taxpayer dollars in bonuses. Can you join me at the link below?

Last year, AIG gave out $450 million in bonuses to the very people who wrecked our economy. And despite the uproar that caused, and the fact that AIG still owes taxpayers $182 billion, they're at it again.

They're giving out another $100 to these same people. That's just plain unacceptable.

It's long past time that Congress does something about these obscene bonuses. Tell them that we won't leave them alone until they do.

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