Sunday, September 12, 2010

Open Question to All Tea Partyists! Please Read and Respond

Without giving personal information,  please explain in as much detail as possible the tangible way in which this Congress and administration has negatively impacted your life.


  1. I'm a college student in North Dakota, I've been to tea parties. I believe the tea party is getting a lot of smack from people who have never really looked into its true ideals, which include more freedom, less government, and lower taxes. That's really all it's about.
    N01KState, I've seen staged incidences where people who are threatened by the movement actually make racist comments to get media attention, however the tea partyists believe in true equality among everyone. If these comments are made by tea party-ers they are few and far between, and certainly not the beliefs of the majority. Try to find a video of a tea party where racist comments are made, I searched youtube and found nothing. If it were really very common I'm sure there would be countless recordings of it on the internet.

    As for your question, my biggest fears with the current administration are:
    Higher taxes, right now I work about 20 hours a week at a daycare center and see 15% of my income go to the government. Someday when I'm an elementary teacher I'll watch 25-30% of my income go to the government to pay for things such as government funded abortions, people who are not in need of government aid taking advantage of the welfare system, and socialized healthcare.

    Here are some of my personal beliefs that resonate within the tea party platform:
    I believe people need to take personal responsibility and work hard to earn their living.
    I believe welfare should be available to those who need it, but sparingly until they and their family are able to get back on their feet.
    I don't believe healthcare should be socialized, but a decision made between an individual and his or her employer. I know, like a majority of conservatives that reform is needed, but I have not seen universal healthcare work efficiently in a single country around the globe.
    I don't believe that the government should do for the people what the people can do for themselves.
    I believe in individual initiative and working hard for the money I earn.
    I believe in the fundamentals of the constitution, and that our founding fathers knew what they were doing.

    So please, before you make criticisms take the time to look into what we're actually about.
    "a government large enough to give you everything you want is a government strong enough to take everything you have" -Gerald Ford

  2. I don't use that handle anymore

    I disagree with all that. I've tried quite hard, in fact, to learn what you're actually about. I'm not sure you know what you're actually about.

    So, I'm free to make all the criticisms I want.

  3. Oh, and just so I'm clear, I really do appreciate your response. You didn't exactly answer my question, but still. You took time to respond, and for that I say think you.

    But don't come to my blog and try to debo me.

  4. I thought I was fairly clear in answering your question, but I'll lay it out,

    "please explain in as much detail as possible the tangible way in which this Congress and administration has negatively impacted your life"

    1. Higher taxes mean less freedom for me to chose in which way I want to spend money that I work hard to earn.
    This problem started way before the Obama administration, and included republicans too. Under both parties spending has gotten out of control. Americans are finally waking up and seeing where we're headed. The current national debt is $13,773,254,492,126, which means that you and I each owe $44,381, but it's growing by $4.16 billion per day so imagine what we'll owe when the government actually starts taking this problem seriously.
    2. Socialized healthcare has been proven in Great Britian to cost more than initially planned, experience shortages of medicine and providers, cause a rationing of care, and strangle invention of new technologies and medicines. This not only will directly effect my life, but yours too. "The British government says that, at any one time, there are about a million people waiting to get into hospitals. According to the Fraser Institute, almost 900,000 Canadian patients are on the waiting list at any point in time. And, according to the New Zealand government, 90,000 people are on the waiting lists... only about 15 percent of the population actually enters a hospital each year. Many of the people waiting are waiting in pain. Many are risking their lives by waiting. And there is no market mechanism in these countries to get care first to people who need it first" -Cato Institute.
    3. As a North Dakota resident I am represented by Democrat Congressman Earl Pomeroy, who has lost his concern for the people of North Dakota after being in congress for 18 years. He represented Washington, not what's important in North Dakota. For example, he voted for the healthcare bill despite 70% of ND residents disagreeing with it. A big fear of many Tea Partiers is the lack of representation for the 'working man', which was made clear by the uprising of tea parties in the state and the election of Rick Berg on November 2nd.

    Here's a video of one of our tea parties, just a big group of citizens concerned for their futures.


This isn't too complicated. If you disagree with me, I'm more than happy to have an honest discussion. I'm quite open to learning new facts and ideas. I'm dying for a conservative to explain their ideas in a sensible way.

But, I do have rules, and they also apply to those who agree with me. They just get the benefit of my already knowing the fact they'll be referring to.

So, here're the comment thread rules:

1 - Use facts.
2 - Refer to policy.
3 - Don't rely on theories and conjectures. Show me how, for example, a public health insurance option will lead to "rationing" of health care.
4 - No unfounded attacks on any entity.

If you break those rules, I will edit your comment to my own whimsical satisfaction.

Lastly, perhaps most importantly, I'm not going to entertain too much pro-white/racism-denying discussion. I want this to be a space to discuss strategies to fight racism, not space where I have to fight racism. I want anti-racists to be able to come here for a mental respite. If what you're interested in doing is attempting to demonstrate the fallacy of anti-racism by repeating the same ole comments and questions and accusations we hear all the time, please do that somewhere else.

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