Saturday, April 14, 2012

Do We Have Any Rights Whites Are Bound to Respect?: State of Georgia vs John McNeil

Even when we're unarmed, you can "justifiably" defend yourself against us. Other the other hand, even as you threaten us and our families and ignore our warning to back-off, we can't "justifiably" defend ourselves against you! Race isn't an issue my ass! I don't see the NRA clamoring to protect John McNeil's "2nd amendment" rights!

John McNeil killed a white man who assaulted him on his property. But, unlike George Zimmerman, he's serving life.

Trayvon Martin's tragic murder has brought much-needed scrutiny to "Stand Your Ground" laws. If you read or hear about a local "Stand Your Ground" case that isn't getting much national press, blog about it on Open Salon.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DoJ Needed in Chicago, Too

Update: He's been sentenced to 40 years.  You can sign a petition here.

Me? I'm ready for DEFCOM 1 on this one. Where's the red button? I done had it with this ish!

Howard Morgan, Black Off-Duty Cop Shot 28 Times By White Chicago Officers, Faces Sentencing

As much of the country follows the Trayvon Martin case, activists in Chicago are hoping to bring some of that attention to Howard Morgan, a former Chicago police officer who was shot 28 times by white officers -- and lived to tell his side of the story.

Morgan was off-duty as a detective for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad when he was pulled over for driving the wrong way on a one-way street on Feb 21, 2005, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. While both police and Morgan agree on that much, what happened next is a mystery.

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