Open Question to All Tea Partyists!

Without giving personal information, please explain in as much detail as possible the tangible way in which this Congress and administration has negatively impacted your life.

Now understand, I'm not looking for abstractions. Asserting that they're "destroying America" by "micromanaging" business doesn't answer my question. Complaining about taxes doesn't answer my question. This isn't about economic or tax philosophy.

Rather, I'm looking for concrete examples of how your freedom has been encroached upon. In real, substantial terms, how has/is this president and Congress disrupted or injured your ordinary, everyday life?

If you're not a conservative Tea Partyist, please do share your political affiliation.


  1. Congress allowed banks to engage in predatory lending. Well intended but financially illiterate low income people were tricked into mortgage loans they could not afford. Once the housing bubble popped we were left with plunging consumer spending and a depression that hit the black community the hardest.

    Congress got us into a war in Iraq that was unjustified and created a public debt burden that we cannot escape from.

  2. Wrong Congress and administration.

    Lots of people, just not the poor, got duped. Some were lied to. Some were offered sub-prime loans despite qualifying for prime lending. The banks broke laws.


This isn't too complicated. If you disagree with me, I'm more than happy to have an honest discussion. I'm quite open to learning new facts and ideas. I'm dying for a conservative to explain their ideas in a sensible way.

But, I do have rules, and they also apply to those who agree with me. They just get the benefit of my already knowing the fact they'll be referring to.

So, here're the comment thread rules:

1 - Use facts.
2 - Refer to policy.
3 - Don't rely on theories and conjectures. Show me how, for example, a public health insurance option will lead to "rationing" of health care.
4 - No unfounded attacks on any entity.

If you break those rules, I will edit your comment to my own whimsical satisfaction.

Lastly, perhaps most importantly, I'm not going to entertain too much pro-white/racism-denying discussion. I want this to be a space to discuss strategies to fight racism, not space where I have to fight racism. I want anti-racists to be able to come here for a mental respite. If what you're interested in doing is attempting to demonstrate the fallacy of anti-racism by repeating the same ole comments and questions and accusations we hear all the time, please do that somewhere else.

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