Tuesday, September 9, 2008

(White) Privileged on CWTV

I decided to watch the show because one of the cast members was Allan Louis, who played Dr. Palmer in the movie Stomp the Yard, as Marco, the chef. You know how I am about watching shows with cuties.

But in my calculations to watch the show, I forgot some significant factors that didn't occur to me until I watched the show.

The family he works for is full of white women. A white matriarch, her two granddaughters, and a live-in tutor. (By the by, if any needs to hire a live in tutor, I'm available!) So, Marco, the sexy black chef, is gay.

Not that I'm hating on gays and lesbians. I am hating on this incessant racist belief that any random heterosexual black man poses a threat to a any random white woman.

And on, I like Rachel Maddow's new show.

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