Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Let's Set Some Thing Straight for the Suddenly Feminist Republicans

They claim that the reason they're re-attacking any "sexist" attacks on Sarah Palin because of what they saw done to Hillary Clinton.

Let's set some things straight:
1 - Questioning Palin's experience is no more sexist than questioning Obama's experience. Especially when part of questioning Obama's experience has included convenient amnesia or outright lies.

2 - The problem with sexism vs racism in the Democratic party isn't what the media did or didn't do, it's the racism that came from the Clinton campaign. That's why Hillary had to quote Harriet Tubman in her speech to the convention. It's why Bill had been going around crying like a baby because people thought he was racist.

So let's not like the Republicans try to play this whole racism/sexism split to win the presidency just because they know they'll lose on the issues.

And for you die-hard PUMAs, I've already decided you can vote for McCain. I think you're racist and I really don't care. But for the rest of us Democrats who have the sense God gave ants, don't fall for this Republican talking point about not letting media sexism undo Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin's problem is her inexperience, lack of knowledge, and hypocrisy and judgemental-ism. Period. She could be a man who's 17-year-old son had done the same thing, and we'd be asking the same question.

But while I am discussing racism/sexism, if this was a black woman running for VP who's 17-year-old daughter was pregnant, there's no doubt that the daughter would be labeled a ho and the mother would be labeled a bad mother, if not a ho herself.

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