Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bringing Smart-Sexy Back!

The Silver Rights Movement - big props to my homie Segun Olagunju. Uh . . . now, that's not him in the video. That's John Hope Bryant, whom CNN says you need to know.

I agree with everything he says. The kids in the inner-city need better role models than athletes and entertainers - I could launch into the racism that plays into that, but we'll save that for another day.

Today is about becoming a member of the Silver Rights Movement. It's about promoting financial education, which everyone could use, but the inner-city desperately needs. - I mean think about, most of those people don't wanna be there and would do anything to get out. You wanna tell me who benefits from their economic vulnerability? Do you realize that as a nation, we spend more on prisons than on education? And that lots of these prisons are private and amount to a form of neo-slavery?

But, back to the video, this is the kind of thing I love to see happening. Now, if you ask me, the US and corporate America owes its black citizens trillions of dollars. But, as we all know, white America isn't ready to accept the truth of what this country has done to us, much less to make any amends for it. And the way I see it, we black folks, like always, are gonna have to do it for ourselves.

But, back to the video, watch it a few times if you need to. At least, more than once.

Here are the websites he mentions at the end:
Operation Hope
And I think this is an idea of what he says is to come:
5 Million Kids

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