Friday, August 1, 2008

Salon: Is Barack cheating on Hillary?

Here's the basic point of the essay, "Is Barack cheating on Hillary?": It's insulting to suggest that Barack Obama would be committing some crime against womanity if he selects any other woman as his running mate besides Hillary Clinton.

I agree with Catherine Price that Lanny Davis has . . . I was going to say Lanny Davis has lost his mind. Then I thought about the whole issue over seating delegates from Michigan and Florida and, well, Lanny Davis doesn't have much if any mind to lose.

Here's Lanny!:
"If anyone thinks that picking a woman will simply placate Hillary Clinton's
female supporters, I think that's very patronizing to women and I don't think
that either Governor Sebelius or Senator McCaskill would disagree."

And Allida Black isn't much better:

"Hillary Clinton is not a political Lego block, easily replaced by another
woman candidate," said Allida Black, a former Clinton national fundraising
committee member. "Women voters know this," she continued. "Hillary is not

Excuse me? Wasn't part of Clinton's appeal the fact that she's a woman? Didn't I read comments that Obama wasn't different from any other presidential candidate because he's a man? Wasn't the meme that sexism is worse than racism?

So what difference does it make if Obama chooses another woman to run with besides the woman who, throughout the primary season, belittled him, played the "race card" against him, emasculated him, and distorted the truth? See, what some Clinton supporters forget is that the reason young women, in particular, abandoned her is because she's was acting like every other president, that is, a man.

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