Friday, August 1, 2008

I was very sad, and I felt like I was a slave.

That's probably cause in some ways, you were a slave.

You must read this editorial from the New York Times, " 'The Jungle,' Again." I'm usually only focusing on the racial disparities facing African Americans. But, my aim and goal is equality and justice for all. Including those who "legally" shouldn't be here. And I mean to use "legally" cynically. Yes, I understand a nation has the right and duty to protect its borders. It's just that I also understand that thirst and hunger and poverty know no borders. And when I see undocumented workers from Europe, most especially northern and western Europe, being attacked with the zeal as the undocumented workers from Latin America are attacked, I feel like the issue really is about borders and not skin color.

That said, here're two paragraphs from the must-read editorial:

The conditions at the Agriprocessors plant cry out for the cautious and deliberative application of justice.

In May, the government swoops in and arrests ... the workers, hundreds of them, for having false identity papers. The raid’s catch is so huge that the detainees are bused from little Postville to the National Cattle Congress fairgrounds in Waterloo. The defendants, mostly immigrants from Guatemala, are not charged with the usual administrative violations, but with “aggravated identity theft,” a serious crime.

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