Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Only because Don Lemon Does a Good Job

As for my thoughts:

Wow! The thing Tim said about having to rep my race having a physiological effect - that explains soooo much! Even though there's a lot I could've said, whenever I had to suddenly represent my race, my mind froze. At times, I couldn't think beyond, "I can't believe you got the audacity to come saying/asking me something like that!"

Overall, I was oddly satisfied with the conversation. Just about everything that needed to be said was said. I'll add a few quick things.

1 - Black comedians complain about having to "shuck and jive" in order to get stage time. A lot of rap artists complain about the same effect in the music business.

2 - Jersey Shore doesn't define white culture. Neither should gangsta rap or HBO. And the fact that it's on HBO that the language is used should be a hint to everyone. Even BET edits out the n-word and the b-word among others.

3 - I, as a straight woman, don't complain about not being allowed to use the "f-word." I'm even dedicated to not saying, "That's so g*y." So really, white folks need to quit whining about the double standard. I mean, is that the only word you can think to use when talking about black people?? The vast majority of us don't go around using the n-word as a part of our everyday language. Which, now that I think about it, is why we get so peeved at white folks when you do.

4 - About the double standard . . . racial slurs about whites are not part of the everyday language of the vast majority of black folks. Maybe redneck and honky, but they aren't the same. Neither is the f*ggot, by the way. There is not word, except maybe the c-word, maybe, that's the same as n*gger. So get over yourselves, white people! We don't use any racial slur, neither the ones referring to us or you, nearly enough for you to complain about the prohibition on your use of the n*gger. So stop it.

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