Friday, August 6, 2010

New in the "What the Hell?" Department: the Tea Pots Bring Out Their Black Kettles

You know me. I've been around. I've had lots of thoughts about lots of things, but I'm just struggling to get to a point of clarity. And every time I do, I get wrapped up in . . .

Oh, never mind.

So anyway, just in case you didn't know, they're actually more than 5 black tea pots. Apparently a lot more. Go figure. And they are pissed about the NAACP and the general left's continual accusations of conservative racism.

They complain that their white friends can't greet them as "my nigger" without being called a racist.
"If my white brother was to use the word—now, bear with me—nigger, in a friendly and playful way towards my black brothers, he would be seen as a racist," said Owens. "But if my black brother used the same jovial banter, no one would see him that way. … The word racist has lost its meaning."
The compare the left, which does have it's own racism to deal with, to the KKK:
"The left has wielded racism like a dirty nuclear weapon, destroying whole cities and the hopes and dreams of many Americans, not just black Americans," said Kevin Jackson, a self-published author and blogger who calls himself "a leader in the consulting industry in America" and frequently appears on talk radio. "It's time that reign of terror ended."
Yep. The KKK.

I'm sorry. Did I miss all the stories of black and white liberals riding around killing white people accused of "racism?" Burning their houses and churches? Like I said, I've been around, but I don't watch Fox propaganda, so maybe I missed those stories.

And besides, if it's true that black and white liberals are the new KKK, they're doing a piss poor job! Have you seen the latest numbers? Tim Wise has a pretty good summary listing. Black people are not fairing well. And while the tea "kettles" would argue that that's exactly what liberals want, I have to point out that the situation gets worse for us under conservative presidents, so . . .

Bear in mind that even though the only time white conservatives allow their niggers to speak, oh! I mean, the friends liberals would call "black" - Even though the kettles are only brought out defend their white friends from charges of racism, they'd really rather be discussing actually issues, "the 14th Amendment, for example."

But the saddest thing is that the kettles don't even see the irony that the only time they're allowed to speak is to defend their white friends from charges of racism!

Let me spell it out - if your friends really saw you as equals, you'd be front and center when it comes to discussing taxes or a green economy. If "racism" were just fiction the left uses to control everyone, you'd get the chance to discuss those issues. But it's not and you don't and you're too dumb to even see it.

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