Sunday, March 21, 2010

Party Like It's 1773 . . . Make That 1963!!

I've said before the first tip-off to the racism of the tea party "movement" was that they were reaching to a time antebellum, before that awful war of "yankee aggression." That others tried to deny the racism was to me a joke, but at times I did entertain them. I wanted to display an open mind. My mom used to tell me, "Seek to understand before you seek to be understood."

That Joan Walsh seems to have taken a year to come to terms with that, which may be a reflection of racism on the left - their annoying habit of giving white racists the benefit of doubt for the sake of being objective, it sort of sad in itself. I mean, damn. They really did have to spit at black Congressmen and call them niggers and call Rep. Barney Frank a faggot for someone to just accept that, yes, they're a bunch of homophobic racists in the order of the KKK.
Now, that the tea pots are racist shouldn't come as a surprise to you or anyone else. And not because I disagree with conservativism; but that they don't really understand what conservativism is. They're whining for tax cuts and less government - exactly the recipe that's gotten us to where we are now. Also, historically, the South was solidly Democratic. Maybe "conservative" but Democratic nonetheless. I mean come on. Andrew Jackson, Mister $20 bill, could hardly have been more racist, and state Democratic Parties have dinners in his and Thomas Jefferson's honor every year!

Sorry. Just watched the History Channel 2-hour documentary on Jackson a couple of days ago.

I keep forgetting to research what the whole brouhaha over leftist elites ignoring the voice of the people was about. Mostly because I'm convinced it that complaint, too, has been racist. But make no mistake about it: the South and most other working class whites only turned to the Right in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement. Or, as it's also called, the Black Freedom Movement.

What may be unfamiliar to you is the connection between homophobia and white racism. No, you don't have to be white to be a homphobe, but that's besides the point. It's not about bigotry; it's about power.

It's actually quite simple. In a world that sexist and racist, and as such, dominated by white men on the basis of their superiority as white and as males - homosexuality, especially among men, is a threat to the status quo.

Everything's intertwined, right? So raping black women was as much about emasculating black men as it was sexual exploitation of black women. Right? So white men having sex with black women wasn't that big of a deal so long as they didn't try to marry; but even white known hos could cry rape and have black men imprisoned. Because a white man publically loving a black woman as his racial equal was a threat to the status quo.

Okay. Got that?

Now. The only way for patriarchy to work is for men to ban together against women. It's not good if men just, you know, ban together. What's the point of gender stratums, especially men's claim to heading the household, if there's no sexual interest in women? You can't treat women like property if nobody's buying, you know? Don't get me wrong. Lesbians face homophobia; but gay women aren't the threat to white patriarchy that gay white men are. Think about it. When people on the right attack straight white women for being "feminazis," that's about keeping women in their place vis-a-vis men. Right? Cause from what I can gather, even conservative men like the idea of two women kissing. What they don't like is a threat to their social status.

So anyway. You probably expected I'd have more to say about the idiocy of the tea pots in regards to healthcare reform. But, Walsh's article is sufficient; and, I just don't have it in me to give the Right my attention. But I did think some readers may need a little help understanding the connection between white racism and white homophobia. I mean, the reason blacks' voting against gay marriage is so ironic is that an oppressed group is oppressing another group; it's that voting against gay marriage actually helps the cause of racism. So it's no accident that a group of people so demonstrably racist are also so demonstrably homophobic. Or that Fox News is apparantly being so demonstrably gay about it. And yes, I'm using that term ironically. Uh, that is to say I'm knowingly using "gay" ironically, not "news."

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