Sunday, March 14, 2010

Change the World with Very Little Things

Did you ever realize that Jesus calls money "very little?" (Luke 16:10, check it out.) So trust and believe, those little things you do that you think mean nothing can mean everything. That's the case whether you're a believer or not. When we think of the Giants of History, the Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubmans, Frederick Douglasses and Medgar Evers - at the end of day, what they did was actually little.

Okay. Scratch Harriet Tubman. She did a hella lot!

But besides that, the world changes a little at a time. So whether it's donating a little time or a little money, you can change the world.

Sean Penn has started an organization that's doing some good things: Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization. His concern is that the bigger, more established UNs and Red Crosses have a difficult time getting things directly to the people. I just donated to his group as well as Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti. If you're a medical or emergency management professional, you can volunteer with J/P or email

But I'm not satisfied with just helping Haiti. So, I hope to donate to an organization working with women in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the next few weeks. They also work with women in:


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Their deal is kinda modeled on the book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. Of course, I heard of the book from the episode Oprah did. The line I most remember is that women spend more money improving themselves and their families than men do. The explanation, I think, is that women spend more time in the home. So, being outside the home mostly, men are concerned with status while, to the contrary, women are more emotionally invested in their families and homes. I think.

But anyway, I'm trying to do the little I can to change the world. If we add the little you can, we may end up with a lot.

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