Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Little Less Racist Isn't Good Enough

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Dear Friend,

The crack hysteria of the 1980s brought about one of the most discriminatory laws on our books -- a law that treats every gram of crack cocaine as equivalent to 100 grams of powder cocaine.

There's no good reason for this disparity. But in the decades it has persisted, the weight of this unjust law has fallen disproportionately upon the African American community.

President Obama supported ending the crack/powder sentencing disparity when campaigning for office, but there are now indications that he'll support a Senate bill that placates the political concerns of "moderates" by only reducing the sentencing disparity to roughly 20-to-1.

This is politics at its worst. We need to end the cocaine sentencing disparity entirely. A bill that is simply less discriminatory than the status quo isn't acceptable.

I've just spoken out about this and I hope you will, too. Learn more and take action at the link below.

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