Friday, July 25, 2008

This Is Our Moment

Here's a video of Barack Obama's Berlin speech in its entirety.

But, of course, I gotta preface it with some of that special MHCTG love!
  • McCain and McCain supporters, quit crying! Didn't you want Obama to get more "world" experience?
  • Other so-called patriots, the USA isn't that great. You get pissy when people complain about the country abroad. You get pissy when people complain here. Get over it.
  • McCain, you toured South America. You gave a speech in Canada. If you were really into waiting until you were president to speech to people in other countries, you wouldn't have given that speech in Canada. And Joe Watkins tried to explain why you're so incredulous - the difference was that Obama was overseas not just in another country. But we all know the truth - you're jealous. You can't get anybody to listen to you over here, much less anywhere else. -And oh. Sorry about the fact that two oil carriers ships collided and spilled oil in the Mississippi, thus ruining your plans to push more offshore drilling. (snicker, snicker) By the by, are you still in favor of offshore drilling today? (Hold strong, Democrats!)
  • Lastly, Mac. I'll give you some advice. STOP TALKING ABOUT THE SURGE. You're confusing yourself and anyone else who's listening. And I guess that's really what you're banking out, right? That no one's listening. Well, I can't hate. Seems like that plan is working.

Now, some of the more saber-rattling parts I didn't care for. But, it wasn't half bad.

And now, the man of the hour . . .

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