Sunday, July 27, 2008

Memo to (Mc)Cain: Obama Is NOT Abel

John McCain's camp is running a sleazy ad about the fact that Barack Obama had to cancel a visit to a military hospital when he was in Germany. I'm not going to show it here, but you can find this video of a Cain campaign ad and another tacky ad in this HuffPo link.

Here's the truth. Obama made plans to see the troops. But, his congressional staff returned to the US before the stops through Europe. A day before Obama was schedule to visit the military hospital, the Pentagon called to raise questions about politicization and whatever, so Obama cancelled the trip. Now, the Pentagon is saying they talked to the Obama campaign but didn't tell them they couldn't visit the military hospital.

But the Pentagon works for the same administration whose embassy in Germany forbade members of the foreign service to attend Obama's speech in Berlin. So, we know its higher ups aren't on the up and up, as it were.

To really get the feeling for how shady McCain is being, you gotta check out Huffington Post's converage. I'll give you a few quotes.

"When viewed alongside the 900 days that elapsed between visits to Iraq, and his symbolic vote against one round of funding for the war, the McCain camp now hopes the canceled visit in Germany provides a three-act structure to their dramatic imagining of a conflict between Obama and the troops.

Of course, in one particular aspect, McCain's playwrights have resorted to wholesale fiction in order to craft their narrative. However complicated the issue of Obama's canceled troop visit has become, no one -- not the campaign, and not the Pentagon -- has cited a prohibition on "bring[ing] cameras" along with Obama as a reason for the trip's scuttling.

In another distortion that could be viewed as funny were it no so manipulative, McCain's video editor selected footage of Obama sinking a three-point shot to represent time spent at the gym instead of with troops. Of course, that footage was taken in Kuwait, not Germany, at an event for ... troops."

They even quote Cain himself.

""How can we possibly find honor in using the fate of our servicemen to score political advantage in Washington? There is no pride to be had in such efforts. We are at war, a hard and challenging war, and we do no service for the best of us-those who fight and risk all on our behalf-by playing politics with their service."

In June, McCain apologized for using the image of Gen. David Petraeus in a political mailer, saying that politicization of the military would "not happen again" in his campaign.""

Just so you don't forget, HuffPo also has the two disreputable videos of Cain's.

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