Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whitey Lies

All the hoopla about Michelle Obama's "whitey" tape has gotten to me. First off, there is no "whitey" tape. But there's more. See if you can follow me.

1 - George Jefferson called his neighbor "whitey." But nowadays, black folks don't use the term "whitey" to insult white people. Oh, we have our words and terms. In fact . . . well, just suffice it to say black folk don't go around complaining about "whitey."

2 - So, where does this "whitey" term come from? The minds and imaginations of white folks, right?

So, essentially, what we have here is a racist attack on Michelle Obama that in and of itself points out the racism endemic in America - white folks know so little about African Americans that when trying to attack one politically, they don't even know how make the lie sound realistic. But the lie gets around because so many white Americans are ready to believe the worst about any African American, including, black fathers.

Oh, Barack's Father Day speech has been on my radar. I hate that he felt it appropriate to further anti-black racism by promote the myth of the absent black father. Yeah, I said myth. Dig in the numbers and get back to me. I'll still vote for him, but less enthusiastically so.

So, were Wright and Pfleger right? Er, uh, yeah.

And by the way Fox News, that's why black women are angry, or actually pissed. We have to daily face racialized sexism and sexualized racism and just plain ole racism and sexism, and then on top of that, because of the way racism plays out in the lives of all too many black men, we gotta suffer with that, too. And, frankly, Mammie and Aunt Jemima weren't all that thrilled about America, either. I mean, really, talk about patriotism and why black women aren't always proud of this country, lets talk about the difference in the coverage of Jessica Lynch and Shoshana Johnson.

This isn't to say that Michelle Obama doesn't love or isn't proud of her country. It is to say that "whitey" doesn't have the moral ground to judge her one way or the other.

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