Friday, June 6, 2008

Has Change Come? II

Now that I at least made an attempt to wax eloquent about this historic event, let me lay out my truest feelings.

It's really not all that surprising the Barack Obama would be the first person of African descent to have a serious shot at the presidency. He's had to downplay his African descent since he announced his candidacy!

Now, don't get me wrong. He hasn't run from his Kenyan roots. In fact, part of his appeal is his international reach. But the brother has had to run from every instance of truth about race in America. Yeah, he told America that black anger was real and something to contend with and not just dismiss out of hand. But he also vouched for white resentment. And what they have to be resentful of towards black Americans, I don't know.

Obama's had to reject the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Catholic Minister (I just can't bring myself to say "Father.") Michael Pfleger, both of whom were speaking the truth, as Hillary Clinton so kindly and graciously demonstrated Tuesday night. He didn't call Geraldine Ferraro racist, though that may be news to her. He didn't call the Clinton campaign's obvious race-baiting racist, though that may be news to her more rabid supporters.

So what's my point? My point is simply this: Barack Obama has become the first black man to have a real shot at becoming the POTUS by running the most culturally "un-black" campaign he could. Yes, he often did the "hip" hand shake/hug with men as he came on stage. Michelle Obama gave him "dap" before he spoke Tuesday night. But that makes Obama "cool," not "black."

So, while I'm heartened by his success . . . I'm thrilled by hearing that already, young black males are taking notice and applying themselves more studiously to their academics, I still can't shake that racism not only impacted his campaign by restricting the number of votes he received, it also impacted his campaign by restricting the way he could run. That saddens me.

But, there is hope that even I, Number One 'K' State, will admit to. Obama's success demonstrates that when African Americans are given the same opportunities as white Americans, when we're given the same chances and protected from the police-scrutiny we now receive, we can achieve anything.

Go 'head Barack Obama!

Barack Rocks!! '08!!!

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