Friday, June 6, 2008

When It Comes to Making Money, "Whitey" Don't Care about You, Either

This is for all of you who think civil rights, equality and justice is just for black folks, women, and other racial and gender minorities. What so many of those Ferraro whites who aren't racist but have "racial resentment" fail to understand is that if they'd get over their racism, we could build stronger labor unions and better jobs and wages. If they'd get over their racism and vote Democratically, we could have a government that better responded to the needs and concerns of the people. Think about it. It's the war hawks who've got us in Iraq, spending billions that the Pentagon can't account for, letting "homeland" infrastructure crumble and for oil that's ruining the environment. It's the Republicans who wanted to privatize social security and cut medicare programs, which many an old white people depend on.

Take the whole housing crisis as an example. Yeah, black folks upset because we disproportionately were given illegal predatory loans. But, some white folks got those bad loans, too. And if a more Democratic government had been in place, not that the Clinton administration didn't stop some regulation, but it would be reasonable to assume few people of any race would've been given these bad loans.

And now, take a look at what the CDC is doing to babies. And mostly white ones at that. And be sure, that while my language is a bit rough this post, and I may even come back and clean it up . . . may not, that I don't just care about African Americans. Yes, put in the crowd the places the Black community first and foremost. But, I'd never leave anyone, white, brown, black, red, or yellow, behind.

Paxil Babies: The Dangers of Antidepressants

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