Saturday, January 5, 2008

Say What Now Huh?

According some members of the right, should Barack Obama wins the Democrat nomination but then loses the presidency, America should fear riots and violence from "certain segments" of society. You'll have to see the link for the entire quote. I was going to publish it but decided against giving more space to racism.

So, lets forget the "bourgeois riots" of members of the GOP of 2000 and the peaceful protests of that same year led by the Reverend Jesse Jackson. (Thanks to Glenn Greenwald of for pointing this out.) Forget the rally in Jena, LA just this past fall this remained peaceful, divine help or not. Let's ignore the Olympic riots of 2002 whose participants were mostly (if not all) white. You know what, while we're at it, let's just pretend that the US doesn't have a history of racial riots where whites have killed and destroyed black lives and communities.

I have to say, it's rare that something so racist is said and passed as intelligent commentary and analysis. Not that I don't think there shouldn't be riots should the Democrat presidential nominee, whoever that may be, lose in 2008. Already, Republicans, with the help of the Bush administration, is looking to suppress votes. (There has been recent success in blocking these efforts.) But to continue living under and farther spreading the delusion that blacks are inherently violent while whites are either saints or misunderstood in ridiculous.

And just in case you wondering, no, this isn't what I had planned as far as detailing structural racism in the US. I'm left to wonder, though, who in their right mind can actually believe, or purport to believe, all Americans are competing on a level playing field and while simultaneously maintaining such racist notions. And, no, I haven't even gotten into some of the more ridiculous self-congratulations for the demonstration of white colorblindness from a man who advocates the abortion of all African American babies. But, I will.

To be perfectly honest, and I should be, the Obama's campaign has led to some altercation. Granted it was on the part of Bill O'Reilly, but an altercation nonetheless. I'll also admit that if you wanna get a better feel for the story as well as the recent history of riots led by European Americans, you should check out the links.

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