Thursday, January 17, 2008

Come Again? Obama Likens Himself to Whom?

I've been a supporter of Barack Obama's presidential aspirations since he was in kindergarten. Or, more like since he announced. You've read my posts generally praising him. Before this blog, I defended against chargers of anti-gay rights. (No one has explained to my satisfaction how having Donnie McClurkin perform one night of a three-night concert series amounts to pandering to African American homophobia. Though, you can take a crack at if you wish. I guess I agree with the Reverend Lane Hudson that Obama should make his stance for equality for everyone regardless of race, sex, religion, creed, or sexual orientation, but I don't believe a vote of Obama is a vote against gay-rights.)

I've never been a Ronald Reagan fan. And you should at least be aware of my post on the issue of Republican candidates touting him as an icon.

So, for Obama to compare himself to Ronald Reagan . . .

Okay, so, he's only comparing the aspects of change. He credits Ronald Reagan for changing the trajectory of the country. And, well, that's true. The country was head fairly left. We were about to ensure equality for all citizens, except for maybe LGBT, though, I'm sure we would've gotten there sooner had he not been president; and, Reagan took us to the right. Many citizens still have whiplash, I'm sure. So, Obama's telling the truth. But, I'm with John Edwards on this one. Saturday, when he's restating his commitment to equality for all, he should also clarify the whole Reagan comparison. And then, hopefully, he'll stop making it.

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