Monday, August 17, 2009

"I'm Not a Racist, But . . .

. . . yes, I'm comparing our first black president to a anti-semitic mass murderer even though at no point in US history have black Americans systematically murdered and terrorized white people."

Meanwhile, just today I talked to the lady behind the counter at Subway. We actually started joking about the "$5-Footlong" song. Then, in the course of our conversation, I learned that she and her husband have 5 boys between them, he just lost his job, she only works part-time, and so they have no healthcare.

Hardworking, white, Americans. No healthcare. They make too much to qualify for medicaid, for now at least, but not enough to afford private insurance. 5 boys. 5. No health insurance.

So let me know when you're ready, all of you afraid of losing your country, for a serious discussion about all of us looking out for each other; not just ourselves or the ultra-rich.

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