Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Pleasent Surprise

Sorry, can't play MJ. It's probably for the best.

Now, I make no exaggeration. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see this. Mainstream media isn't known honest discussion on race. And with so many people now rallying behind blue, if not white, the issue was being distorted.

I thought two points were particularly key. One, that all his diversity/racial profiling training doesn't make Sgt Crowley immune to racism. After all, Crowley says that he was "surprised and confused with the behavior" Gates showed. But why? What happened to all that racial profiling training? He should've known a black man sitting innocently in his house wouldn't be excited to have the police come question him about being in his own home! Eh, duh!

Two, observing that something done or said was racist is not the same thing as calling a person a KKK Grand Wizard bigot. Adding my on comment, white people need to quit acting like the sky is falling when they're accused of racism. Especially when chances are that you are racist. Racist and nigger ain't, and never will be, the same. And the fact that white Americans as a collective insist that it is is just an example of white privilege and narcissism. Only white people have the privilege of changing the subject to indict the accuser in ways that ignore the actions of the accused. Some in blue even suggested Pres Obama maligned all police officers by saying that Crowley had acted stupid! How exactly does that work? After all, even the Cambridge Mayor called Gates to apologize. And instead of talking about institutional racism that and the reality of racial profiling; and really, we're not even arguing over whether or not Crowley did a racist thing, but whether or he's racist, which is besides the point!

But let me stay focused. Kudos to Don Lemon and CNN.

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