Thursday, May 21, 2009

A House Divided . . .

. . . cannot stand. You know the saying. Well, here's my point. The Latin and African American communities have to work together to end structural and systemic racism. We all face the same pro-white, anti-us bias. We can't have this:

Published: 5/21/09, 3:26 PM EDT

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A Latino street gang waged a racist campaign to eliminate black people from a Southern California city through attempted murders and other crimes, according to federal racketeering indictments unsealed Thursday.

"(Varrio Hawaiian Gardens) gang members take pride in their racism and often refer to the VHG Gang as the `Hate Gang,'" the main indictment states. "VHG gang members have expressed a desire to rid the city of Hawaiian Gardens of all African-Americans and have engaged in a systematic effort to achieve that result by perpetrating crimes against African-Americans."
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