Saturday, May 31, 2008

Whitey, Please II

I am very disappointed in some of the reaction to Pfleger's comments.

Let me say again that he was wrong in making partisan comments in church. However, those comments were neither racist nor sexist.

But I'm mostly disappointed in the castigation of the congregation. The congregation is being accused of anti-white racism.

In the meantime, the murderers of Sean Bell go free, and Pat Buchanan and Geraldine Ferrarro are treated as serious voices.

So let me be clear for all white Americans who don't seem to understand. When black people cheer a denunciation of white supremacy, white entitlement, white privilege, we are not cheering and ridiculing white people. As long as white Americans equate the rejection of anti-racial minority racism with anti-white racism, we will get nowhere with racial reconciliation. As long as speaking the truth is divisive, we will get nowhere with racial reconciliation. And let's be clear, the reason truth has become so divisive is that white Americans refuse to accept the truth. And here's how "division" benefits them and why they keep calling foul: as long as there is "division," nothing will change; and, white Americans can continue in their happy lives, which aren't negatively impact by racism, without giving up any of their white-skin privilege.

And here's what everyone needs to understand. The fact that the party which benefits from racism gets to determine the bounds of racial discussion is an indication of white supremacy itself.

What I, as an anti-racist activist, demand is not some "kumbaya" hand-holding with the races making nice while whiteness is still held as the standard. I don't want the "equal opportunity" to be white. I demand justice. Justice demands truth. And if whites are so resistant to hear the truth that truth-telling is divisive, so be it.

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Lastly, perhaps most importantly, I'm not going to entertain too much pro-white/racism-denying discussion. I want this to be a space to discuss strategies to fight racism, not space where I have to fight racism. I want anti-racists to be able to come here for a mental respite. If what you're interested in doing is attempting to demonstrate the fallacy of anti-racism by repeating the same ole comments and questions and accusations we hear all the time, please do that somewhere else.

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