Saturday, May 31, 2008

White Racism: 2 vs Truth:0 (updated)

Though the decision was made a while ago, Sen Barack Obama has decided to leave his church. White voters and their enablers-of-color were terrified that Obama might be a black separatist or anti-white racist because of the few comments they've heard from Rev. Wright and Pfleger. The truth is that both were speaking out against white supremacy and in favor of black pride in the face of anti-black racism. So, white racism won out on this issue.

The argument most white voters and their enablers-of-color make is that not all whites are racist or privileged. This, too, is a lie that supports the continuation of white racism. The USA Today has reported that the federal government is filing fewer housing discrimination charges even as consumer complaints against landlords, real estate agents and mortgage brokers have risen steadily. And if you read through the comments, you'll see that even with facts describing bias against people of color, some people defend of white racism. So, truth loses again.

In the meantime, the DNC has reached a compromise on Florida and Michigan. The new number is 2118 as full delegations from both states were given half a vote for each delegate. Obama is only 66 delegates away from that number. But, I'm not so thrilled as I would've been. Though I still find Obama far superior to Clinton and out of McCain's league, I never found him quite far enough to the political left to make any substantial changes. Robert Jensen explains that point quite well here. But, I was still willing to support Obama's candidacy for president. His recent capitulation to white racism and injustice saddens me very much.

Update: "I'm not denouncing the church and I'm not interested in people who want me to denounce the church," he said, adding that the new pastor at Trinity and "the church have been suffering from the attention my campaign has focused on them." - Obama.

I still don't find Obama to be my dream candidate, but knowing that part of his leaving had to do with how the story was Impacting the church, not just how the church was impacting his nomination chances makes me feel better about supporting him 100%.

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