Friday, April 25, 2008

Yeah, Rev. Wright Was All Wrong (Updated)

Again, another one of my sarcastic titles.

This is why millions of African American Christians believe God condemns America:

Here's another opinion, not Rev. Wright's, on the matter.

Also, Rev. Jeremiah A Wright was a guest on Bill Moyer's Journal tonight (Friday, April 25) on PBS. I hope you caught it (sorry about not telling you sooner). Those of us who were more upset with Barack Obama's denouncing what Rev. Wright said in those "snippets" than we were with what Rev. Wright said were vindicated. The response to 60 seconds of selective sound byte looping and Rev. Wright response to the response both vindicate Rev. Wright.

This country has a problem with racism. The racism is structural and institutional as well as societal. If we're going to overcome the racial divide, the truth must be told. No white person has ever lost out on a job or the college of their choice because of affirmative action. And white people need to except that they live in a country that privileges them, their version of history, their worldview, at everyone else's expense.

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