Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thank Goodness for Senate Republicans!

You know I don't mean that! I'm already, er, not happy about the fact that Sen. Hillary Clinton won the Pennsylvania primary. Now, she has sufficient reason to keep dragging Sen. Barack Obama and herself and the party through the mud. That's just great! (And if she succeeds in taking the nomination from Obama, I think all African-Americans should consider sitting this election out. More about that come June.)

But now, the Republicans, in their fervent commitment to the bottom, er, line, have blocked a bill that would reset the time employees have to sue employers for pay discrimination to 6 months after the most recent pay check. So essentially, the statute of limitations resets every time the employee gets paid. The intent of this bill was to undercut the recent Supreme Court 5-4 decision that the time limit starts when the decision is made to discriminate in pay. If you're confused by the decision, don't worry. You're bright. If, on the other hand, the decision makes complete sense to you, then you should probably worry.

The Republicans blocked the bill, which had passed the House of Representatives, because they felt it was unfair to employers. The White House agrees - Bush threatened to veto the bill if it passed. Their concern is that an employer may be sued years passed the "decision" and that evidence might be lost. Plus, they are outraged by the Democrats having held the bill till after dinner just so Sens. Clinton and Obama would have the chance to support it. Sen. McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, didn't go back to vote on the bill, but he's against it.

I'm going to contact both my US senators - Republicans each. It's probably useless, but I want my disdain for this obstructionism recorded.

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