Friday, July 16, 2010

You Must Be a Racist If . . .

. . . you're Tea Party Express chairman Mark Williams.

This past Tuesday, the NAACP passed a resolution calling on Republicans and tea party activists to renounce racism within their ranks. That really shouldn't be a big deal, should it? The article I linked to details and shows examples of the racism they're talking about. And here's just a quick article on the desire of white nationalists to piggy-back the party. Much of the anti-immigration rhetoric is racist and false. It could be me, but it almost sounds as though anything coming out of their mouths about  President is racist, from the BP "shakedown" to the accusations of anti-white racism in the New Black Panther's Party case. Plus there's Congressman Steve King's (R-Iowa) accusation that Obama favors blacks over whites.

But, no. It's is a big deal because, according to Williams, the NAACP is a racist a bunch of old fossils looking to make a buck off skin color. Nevermind that the organization has fought lynching and segregation amongst other crimes against humanity. Nevermind that the NAACP is supporting lawsuits against Arizona's racist SB 1070 and stands against racism towards anyone as well as oppression in all its forms, including homophobia. Williams also refers to the use of the term "colored" as an example of NAACP racism. Nevermind that the organization was founded in 1909 when the term was prevalent. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see any reason for an organization that old with a brand as strong to change its name.

Yep, Williams just tosses all that and all evidence of continuing virulent anti-black racism aside in his latest "letter to Pres. Lincoln." I'm not going to post the text, but it's in the linked article - read it yourself.

Now for the record, let me be clear: you can criticize Obama without being racist. For example, Obama is being far too tepid in fighting racism and bringing jobs to the inner-city where they're needed most. See how I stick to the issues and don't use race to denigrate anyone?

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