Friday, April 3, 2009

Riot or Revolution? 2

Finally! right? First off, I'm sorry about the delay. And second off, this may not be as detailed as I would otherwise like. I'm being a bit busier than usual. Helping out with Lauren's kids the past couple of days. So, I'm a bit tired. And I promised Lauren I'd write her about the kids soon, the final of a 3 part series of my time with them recently. And I just started blogging with a group blog, dangerousNegro. So, a lot has been going on. Not a lot for a person of normal health, but a lot for me.

So, what was my point about riot or revolution? Well, conceptualization, I guess. I mean, we all know that racism involves "Othering." I just think that in this "nation of cowards," we don't really consider how it operates.

For instance, would Glenn Beck consider himself a racist? Probably not. Then again, neither would Geraldine Ferraro or Pat Buchanan. But look at what he's spreading. The idea that violence perpetrated at the government by whites is not just understandable but justifiable.

Now, of course he gives this as the "worst case scenario," and you should know I haven't watched the clip since before I posted it, but as I recall, his general thesis was that the present government isn't listening to the little guy. Of course, he means this present executive administration that just happens to be presided over by a black guy, but he somehow dates the "rebellion" past Pres. Barack Obama's time in office as to avoid that accusation. But come on. I'm not buying. You?

So anyway. We have this uprising by whom? If there's one constituency I know Glenn Beck can't claim to represent, racist or not and probably racist, is black folk and/or any folk of color. So who's rioting? Who's rioting against who's government? What is this government doing? Presumably, it's gone to the left, right? So, a progressive tax system, a social safety net, affirmative action, gay marriage, abortion on demand, etc and so on. So who's rioting and why?

Now. Glenn Beck says they're rioting because the government isn't listening to them. Which, for me, is a big hoot! I mean, really. After 2 centuries of unquestioned domination, women and people of color and the LGBT community finally start making a push and get the government to finally represent their interests, and white men wanna rebel? Really? It's nearly hilarious!

So, again. There's a violent uprising by who? because the government isn't listening to them.

Well. Where was Glenn Beck and his elk when thousands of people descended on Jena, LA because the government wasn't listening to them? I wonder what he thought about the 1992 LA riots. What were Glenn Beck's thoughts on the occurrences post-Katrina? Well, here's one:
But the second thought I had when I saw these people and they had to shut down the Astrodome and lock it down, I thought: I didn't think I could hate victims faster than the 9-11 victims.
Where's the sympathy then for a violent uprising towards a negligent government? Where was his army to back up and support the people then?

Don't get me wrong. The man is consistent in denying his racism. But here's my point and you can discuss anything you may have noticed that I left out - racism continues unabated in this country because so many white people in positions of power and influence, be they radio shock-jocks or US Congressmen, engage in Othering and refuse to allow someone to point it out to them. It's their natural reflex to see a black guy reach for his wallet, think "gun," and shoot 30, 40, 50 times without apology and even stopping to reload; but, apologize when they have to kill a white man who was shooting at them.

Racism remains rampant in this country and this Othering is why. If we're really going to get past racism, we can't keep letting white people enjoy the privilege of defining and describing what happens in the world. We have to stop sympathizing with white perpetrators and criminalizing black victims. It would also help if Glenn Beck wasn't given air time. And so long as that continues, I'll be here to riot about it!

Or, would that be a revolution?

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